Solar PV

Think About Those Energy Prices!!!!

Solar PV

Why not use renewable energy to power your home!! Those electricity bills keep getting higher.

Photovoltaic System

Solar panels are attached to an aluminum mounting system, which is secured to the roof (typically directly to the rafters). Solar cells can also be integrated directly into the roof tiles – this is more suitable for new builds than retrofits. When the sun shines, the panels will generate direct current (DC) which flows into a box called an inverter to create an alternating current (AC) – AC is used by the appliances in your home / building. Note that the panels work best in sunlight; however they will still generate some energy when it is overcast using ‘diffuse sunlight’. The AC flows from the inverter into the fuse box.

Make Money From Solar

If you do not need the electricity it can flow into the national grid so that someone else can use it – in effect your home / building has become a mini power station (hence the term 'micro-generation’). As long as you have a smart meter in your home (SMETS2), or half hourly metering and an export meter in your commercial building, you can get paid for any surplus energy that you generate with an export tariff.

Solar PV Storage

Solar panels and a battery storage system are a powerful combination. They work together to ensure your home is almost always powered by the clean, green electricity you’ve generated at home, whether the sun’s out or not.

Invest in your future

Invest in renewables today. Save energy tomorrow. Why not use renewable energy to power your home, those electricity bills keep getting higher.


Boiler FAQs

No, your boiler will be fitted with a parts and labour warranty covering the boiler up to the period you decide through the manufacturer

Yes, we can input your details onto our system and send you reminders when your boiler service is due. NOTE: This is extremely important when you have had a new boiler installed as failing to have the boiler serviced can invalidate your warranty.

Yes, we have engineers that specialise in service. maintenance and repairs of all makes and models of boilers.

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